Sunday, December 23, 2012

Army Yachting Node’s (AYN) Dharmender Singh Rounds Outstanding day in Laser Coastal Nationals - Standard

Indian Army Yachting Node’s (AYN) Dharmendra Singh rounded off an outstanding day, as he won race three and five of the Standard Laser Class during the Coastal National Sailing Championship at the Festival of Sails held at the South of Oyster Rock, Colaba on Sunday.

Dharmendra Singh of Indian Army Yachting Node
After finishing second in the opening two races on Saturday, Dharmendra improved his show to overtake his partner 
Gajendra Singh at the top of the table. After winning the Race 3 held in the morning, the Army man struggled in afternoon’s first race as he finished at the back of the pack. 

He didn’t let the disappointment get the better of him as he finished ahead of everyone with a big margin. His training team-mate finished behind him and he was closely followed by Muzahid Khan in third place.

In the Radial Class,
Ramesh Kumar dominated as he won 2 out of 3 races on Sunday. 

After winning both the races on Saturday, he continued his good form in the morning race to finish ahead of 
Bikram Mohapatra and Sharif Khan.

In the afternoon race, though, he lost his first place to Xerxes Bamboat, who had an outstanding race after taking the lead at the start of the race.

Third place went to Deelip Kumar. In the last race of the day, he got the revenge and finished ahead of Xerxes to take the top spot.

In the 4.7 Class, it was a close fight between Upamanyu Dutta, Chintan Chatbar and Vir Menon as the trio won the three races that were held on Sunday. In the morning race, Dutta was followed by Nethra Kumanan and Chintan Chatbar to add some spice to the overall points tally.

In the afternoon races, Chintan finished ahead of Vir Menon and Dutta to push him down the table. 

It got worse for Dutta as he struggled into the winds to go at the back of the pack and hand the win to Vir Menon. 

Second place went to Vishnu Saravanan and Ekta Yadav.

Jury Duty

Watching Out for Protests and Penalties

Race Committee Vessel Keeping An Eagle Eye.

Those Who Give Method to Madness, Laying Course, Starting and Ending Races, Declaring Winners and Results.

Race Results: 

Standard Class: 

Third race: 1) Dharmender Singh, 2) BK Rout, 3) Kuldeep Pandey, 4) M Naveen Kumar, 5) Gitesh. 
Fourth race: 1) Kuldeep Pandey, 2) Gaurav Randhawa 3) M Naveen Kumar 4) Muzahid Khan 5) Gurjit Singh. 
Fifth race: 1) Dharmender Singh, 2) Gajender Singh, 3) Muzahid Khan 4) Virender Singh 5) BK Rout

Radials Class: 

Third race: 1) Ramesh Kumar 2) Bikram Mohapatra 3) Sharif Khan 4) Sandeep Kapoor, 5) Shekhar Singh Yadav. 
Fourth race: 1) Xerxes Bamboat 2) Ramesh Kumar 3) Deelip Kumar 4) 704 5) Sandeep Kapoor. 
Fifth race: 1)  Ramesh Kumar 2) Xexes Bamboat 3) 58 4)  Deelip Kumar 5) Sandeep Kapoor

4.7 Class: 

Third race: 1) Upamanyu Dutta 2) Nethra Kumanan 3) Chintan Chatbar 4) Vishnu Saravanan 5) Avanti Menon. 
Fourth Race: 1) Chintan Chatbar 2) Vir Menon 3) Upamanyu Dutta 4) Vishnu Saravanan 5) Ravindhar Murali. 
Fifth race: 1) Vir Menon, 2) Vishnu Saravanan 3) Ektha Yadav 4) Chintan Chatbar 5) Tarun Bhatia

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