Saturday, December 22, 2012

Upamanyu Datta Wins Laser 4.7

Upamanyu Datta, Winner Laser 4.7 in Laser Cup, RBYC

After winning the 420 Dingy Class, Upamanyu Dutta carried on his good form by winning the first race of the 4.7 Laser Class at the Festival of Sails held at the South of Oyster Rock, Colaba on Saturday.

The 16-year-old was simply unbeatable as he finished way ahead of others to completely dominate the race. The youngster had a slow start but capitalised once he got use to the windy conditions.

At the half-way mark, he took the lead and didn’t let anyone get ahead of him. At the finish line, he extended a huge lead to finish first.

He was followed by Vishnu Saravanan and Vir Menon, who finished in second and third position respectively.

The surprise fourth position was bagged by Vir’s younger sister Avanti, who is no more than 13 years of age.

All the Classes including 4.7 will see in total ten races and the contestant who accumulates least number of points will lift the championship in the category. It would be interesting to see if he can maintain his consistency in the upcoming races as well.

In the Standard Laser Class, Gajender Singh finished ahead of team-mate Dharmender Singh to start his campaign on a bright note.

They were closely followed by Kuldeep Pandey in the third place. 

The trio made a clean sweep to keep the Army Yatching Node (AYN) flag flying high.

In the Radial Laser Class, AYN’s Ramesh Kumar capitalized on a good start to finish first. He was followed by Nanda Raikwar and Bikram Mohapatra. 

Interestingly, Nanda is the only female participant in the category.

The entire Laser Class saw as many as 77 Sailors participating from all over India.

This has been a rare picture in Mumbai’s water and the organizers were overwhelmed with the response.

Final Results: 

Standard Class: 1) Gajendra Singh, 2) Dharmender Singh, 3) Kuldeep Pandey, 4) Gitesh, 5) Virender Singh. 

Radial Class: 1) Ramesh Kumar 2) Nanda Raikwar 3) Bikram Mohapatra, 4) Abhimanyu Panwar, Deelip Kumar.

4.7 Class: 1) Upamanyu Dutta 2) Vishnu Saravanan 3) Vir Menon 4) Avani Menon 5) Ravindhar Murali

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