Thursday, December 20, 2012

R Mahesh defeated Ayaz Sheikh in Match Racing Championship in the Festival of Sails

Match Racing:

R Mahesh defeated Ayaz Sheikh in a one-sided final of the Match Racing Championship during the Festival of Sails at the south of Oyster Rock, Colaba on Wednesday.

Mahesh took the early lead and kept attacking Ayaz Shaikh with some good sailing skills. He showed his experience and why he is regarded so highly in the sailing circles.

In the later half of the race, Sheikh made some ground and was on Mahesh’s tail constantly. But some quick thinking at the end, made sure Mahesh finish ahead and also lift the championship.

420 Class

In the Morning Race, Upamanyu Hussain came 1st. 

In 2nd race they were lying second but Sanjeev Chauhan was leading, he was first until the auto bailer opened and Hussain dropped to finish 4th. 

Afternoon race light winds the breeze set in fairly late, 2 boats were over the line at the start of the race, one of which was Upamanyu and Hussain, who rerounded to start again. 

In the 420s 1st Race, while Pankaj Kumar #50915 rounded first with the husband and wife team rounding 2nd, their position kept interchanging in the race.

The 5th 420 race ended with husband wife couple getting their first gun and Pankaj Kumar and Anshuman Acharya finishing second. 

It was a close fight for 3rd position with #5091 finishing 3rd just seconds before Upmanyu and Hussain.

In third place, Atul Sinha finished ahead of Muthu Rajan to grab the third place in the championship.

Earlier in the day, R Mahesh defeated Atul Sinha in the semi-final while Ayaz Sheikh overcame stiff competition from Muthu Rajan.

In the afternoon races, Sanjeev-Tulsi Chauhan finished first while Pankaj Kumar-Anshuman Acharaya and Ekta Yadav-Asif Shaikh finished second and third.

In the 470 dingy class, Chandra Shekhar-Kamalesh Patel won the race Ashis Patel-Nirna Pandit and Kiran Kumar-Harpreet Singh finished closely second and third.


Match Racing: Final: R Mahesh defeated Ayaz Sheikh. Third place: Ayaz Sheikh.

420 class: Afternoon race: Sanjeev-Tulsi Chauhan, Pankaj Kumar-Anshuman Acharaya, Ekta Yadav-Asif Shaikh.

470 Class : afternoon race: Chandra Shekhar-Kamalesh Patel, Ashis Patel-Saran Raj, Kiran Kumar-Harpreet Sinha.

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