Monday, December 24, 2012

Kuldeep Pandey Overtakes Dharmender Singh in Standard Laser Class in Coastal National Sailing Championship

Kuldip Kumar Pande Leading in Laser Standard

With a top two finish in two of the three races held on Monday, Kuldeep Kumar Pandey overtook 
Dharmender Singh in the overall point’s tally of the Standard Laser Class during the Coastal National Sailing Championship at the Festival of Sails, held South of Oyster Rock, Colaba.

Dharmender Singh had a mixed day, as he fared a lowly eighth in the morning race. In the first of the afternoon races his form again slumped as he finished at the back of the pack. He countered though with a second place finish in the eighth race. Even though he made a good showing in the afternoon, it wasn’t good enough to maintain his spot at the top of the table as Pandey took his place who had finished fourth in the morning race and second in the seventh race. He bettered his performance in the last race of the day as he finished first to extend his lead at the top of the table. 

With two races remaining, it would be interesting to see who wins the title as there is a close fight between top three leaders, which also includes Muzahid Khan and BK Rout. The latter had an outstanding day as he won two of the three races held on Monday.

Ramesh Kumar of Indian Army's Yachting Node (AYN)
In the Radial Class category, Ramesh Kumar too saw his lead being cut down drastically. 
After bagging top two finishes in the first five races, the Army Yachting Node’s sailor finished second in the morning race but his form slumped dramatically, as he finished out of the top three races in the afternoon races. In the seventh race he finished fourth while in the eighth he finished a disappointing sixth.

The 4.7 Class, has thus far has seen a very close battle between Vishnu Saravanan, Upamanyu Datta and Vir Menon for top honours. In the sixth race held in the morning, Vishnu Saravanan finished ahead of Tarun Bhatia and Ravindhar Murali, while in the seventh race Chintan Chatbar, Aryaman Dutta Vishnu Saravanan finished ahead of everyone. 

Vir Menon, Laser 4.7

In the last race of the day, Vir Menon finished first while Chintan Chatbar and Ektha Yadav finished second and third respectively.


Standard Class: 

Sixth race: 1) BK Rout 2) Gajender Singh 3) Gaurav Randhawa 4) Kuldeep Pandey 5) Virender Singh. 
Seventh race: 1) Bk Rout 2) Kuldeep Pandey 3) Naveen Kumar 4) Muzahid Khan 5) Gajender Singh. 
Eighth race: 1) Kuldeep Pandey 2) Dharmender Singh 3) BK Rout 4) Gurjit Singh 5) Muzahid Khan

Radial Class: 

Sixth Race: 1) Shekhar Singh Yadav 2) Ramesh Kumar 3) Bikram Mohapatra 4) Amandeep Singh 5) Nanda Raikar. 
Seventh race: 1) Harpreet Singh 2) Sharif Khan 3) Bikram Mohapatra 4) Ramesh Kumar 5) Sandeep Kapoor. Eighth race: 1) Sharif Khan 2) Bikram Mohapatra 3) Xexes Bamboat 4) 190895 5) Pankaj Gahdge

4.7 Class: 

Sixth Race: 1) Vishnu Saravanan 2) Tarun Bhatia 3) Ravindhar Murali 4) Vir Menon 5)  Nicholas Ptrick. 
Seventh Race: 1) Chintan Chatbar 2) Aryaman Dutta 3) Vishnu Saravanan 4) Ramya Saravanan 5) Upamanyu Dutta. 
Eighth race: 1) Vir Menon 2) Chintan Chatbar 3) Ektha Yadav 4) Upamanyu Dutta 5) Vishnu Saravanan

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